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The Small Fluffs are a limited Merge Chain available during Den Events. They can be created as a by-product from merging the Mysterious Burrows.

Right after creation Small Fluffs can be tapped for Wishing Well Coins, Dirt, Topsoil, Seeds of the Prism Flower, Autumn Leaves and Specter Leaves. After that they can be tapped for the same rewards approximately every 20 minutes.

When Small Fluffs are merged they can create Autumn and Specter Leaves as by-products.

They also spawn Puddles once.

Level Size Rarity Name Description Tap Rewards Merging By-product Worth in Camp (Coins)
1 1x1 Uncommon Ground Fluff He really digs you! Tap to tickle him! Dirt, Topsoil, Specter Leaf, level 1 Schilling Autumn Leaf 100
2 1x1 Rare Soft Fluff She's so fluffy! Tap to tickle her! Dirt, Topsoil, Autumn Leaf, level 2 Denarius Specter Leaf
3 1x1 Legendary Round Fluff He's the perfect circle. Tap to tickle him! Topsoil, Specter Leaf, Seeds of the Prism Flower, level 3 Sovereign Autumn Leaf, Specter Leaf
4 1x1 Mythical Snug Fluff Shh, she's dreaming! Tap to tickle her! Topsoil, Autumn Leaf, Seeds of the Prism Flower, level 4 Ryal n/a


  • The designs of Small Fluffs were slightly changed in second Flufflands Event. Here's how they looked initially:
  • In second Flufflands Event Small Fluffs also received blinking animation. So even though level 4 Snug Fluff's description says that "she's dreaming", you can see her with her eyes open.

Snug Fluff