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Spiritual Trees could be found in the Chinese New Year Event throughout the island, with Aquamarine Bead Tree being the highest leveled Tree. A Violet Cypress Tree could be achieved by merging. The whole Merge Chain had been unlocked from the beginning.

They could be harvested for Mystic Lanterns of various levels which were used to gain points for rewards in the Event. From level 3 onwards Spiritual Trees could be tapped once in a while for Mystic Lanterns corresponding to their description. Rarely could be harvested for Special Chests.

Level Size Rarity Name Description


1x1 Uncommon Bamboo Shrub Merge for a Budding Blossom Tree!
2 1x1 Uncommon Budding Blossom Tree Harvest for a Drum Lamp for the special event!
3 2x1 Uncommon Mountain Fir Tree Harvest for a Drum Lamp for the special event!
4 2x1 Uncommon Blessed Redwood Tree Harvest for a Drum Lamp for the special event!
5 2x2 Rare Aquamarine Bead Tree Harvest for a Lampion for the special event!
6 2x2 Rare Violet Cypress Tree Harvest for a Lampion for the special event!