Summary Edit

Spotted Dragons are a harvester dragon breed.  Eggs can can be bought from the buy menu. The price increases by 5 coins after each egg purchased, capping at 2,500 Magic Coins.

When Noble Spotted Dragons are merged, an additional Citrus Dragon Egg Nest may be created in a Dimensional Jar with a cost of 450 Dragon Gems.

Spotted Dragon Whelps have an additional 2 points of stamina when they are created (3 instead of 1), while Citrus Dragon Whelps have no additional stamina points when they are created (5 instead of 5).

How to Gain Edit

Level Rarity Name Dragon Power Stamina Worth
Nest Rare Nest of Spotted Dragon Eggs n/a n/a 25
Egg Rare Spotted Dragon Egg n/a n/a 1
1 Uncommon Spotted Dragon Whelp 1 1 20
2 Uncommon Spotted Dragon Kid 4 2 50
3 Uncommon Spotted Dragon 16 3 100
4 Rare Noble Spotted Dragon 55 4 250
Nest Epic Nest of Citrus Dragon Eggs n/a n/a 25
Egg Legendary Citrus Dragon Egg n/a n/a 1
7 Epic Citrus Dragon Whelp 181 5 500
8 Epic Citrus Dragon Kid 577 6 1000
9 Epic Citrus Dragon 1760 8 2500
10 Legendary Royal Citrus Dragon 5500 10 5000


  • The Eggs had a redesign, here are the old graphics.
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