Ancient Burial Site... it feels cold. Wonder #5 of the Dragon World.
~ Stonehenge

Summary Edit

Stonehenge is the last level of Living Stones and Wonder #5 of the Merge Dragon World. It cannot be merged further.

Tapping this item initially spawns multiple Rock Dragon Eggs/Nests, Stone Bricks and Piles of Riches.  

After that, the Stonehenge can be tapped for more of the above objects every 10 hours spent in camp.

Zomblins will spawn initially upon creation, and will continue to occur occasionally (every 15 to 60 consecutive minutes spent in camp).

After creation and the initial spawning, Stonehenge can be harvested for Nightstone Bricks (common), Noble Chests (uncommon), Dragon Egg Chests/Dragon Nest Vaults (Rock Dragons variant, uncommon) and Fresh Stones (rare).

How to Gain Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Stonehenge is the largest object in Merge Dragons to date, occupying 9 tiles.
  • When no dragons are available, the Zomblins spawned from these can be taken out as usual with healing power, which makes having a high-level Prism Flower nearby convenient.
    Screenshot 2018-06-29-15-12-28

    Stonehenge in camp

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