Since the beginning of Merge Dragons!, people have made many suggestions to the game. This page is dedicated to concentrate them all in one place, so developers have an easier time viewing them, as well as to limit double suggestions from players. If the developers have commented on the suggestion, it will be listed too.

Suggestions should be made in the Official Forums, at Reddit,or in the wiki's forum. All the suggestions listed here are taken from those sources. Previously, game suggestions were also possible to be suggested through the Discord. However, since the Discord revamp, this is no longer possible.

List of Suggestions

(Last Updated: 2nd February 2018, Gathered info from Discord only up to 20th February 2018)

Camp Related

Suggestion Developer Comment First Mentioned
Better Loot in Gem Chests Link Link
Locking Items - won't accidentally be merged or sold Link, Was semi-solved.
Pause Feature - No floating Life Flower Seeds, No merging, No Chests or Currency opening (sic), no Dragons moving. Link
Different Coloration for Egg/Nest Chests Link Link
Camp Timer - How long is it until it's possible to tap the wonder? Link Link
Decreased ratio of Gems loot from Objects Link
UI for merging Eggs (like the Dragons have) Link Link
Aviary Type Building for Storing Eggs Link Link
List of items included in premium packages Link Link
Item Inventory Link
Sell Mode Currently we have to select an item and tap the button in the banner for each item we want to sell. A bit annoying... In the "sell mode" everything we tap would be immediately sold. A confirmation would still be required for high level items of course(Discord)
Filter/Sort option for the Dragon Book No plans at the moment, but I agree that some way to sort or filter the dragon book would be great.(Discord) By Chitber:" is a re-design of the dragon book in consideration? There are currently more than 10 types of dragons and I'm scrolling through about a hundred dragons before I can get to the last few dragons to merge."(Discord)
Seasons By Chitber:" "Seasons" for floating stuff across camp? There's Mysterious Seeds, Life Flower Seeds, Dragon Tree Leaf (can't remember if there's such) in different levels. It would do well for extra variety while spending time in camp. Of course, the additional types of floating stuff will only be unlocked if the player already has items of the matching type in camp, or has gotten a certain number of stars."(Discord)
Seeds should grow even if away from Camp "Liked" By warriorpeach:"Flowers n seeds n stuff should still grow when u aren't at camp"(Discord)
Tap protection for Dragon Stars and Gems confirmed By tstaffor and Shaked(Equinox) (Discord).
Decrease Daily Chest Time "liked" By tilam 40:"I would love for the daily chest to be more of 22-23 hour chest haha. It gets hard to do it every day and you can’t really make up lost ground. So let’s say I like to get it at 7 at night each day, messing up once can push it back later, and on a continual cycle. Having them be shorter timers allows me to forget one day, or be doing something, and work my way back to the time that I like to collect it."(Discord)
Sell Dragon Chests/Vaults without confirmation Link
Auto-merging 5 button Link
Camp Free Space Indicator By MonkeyBusiness:"I would like some form of indicator that tells us how full our camp is getting. Either a numerical value of how many squares are taken up by stuff vs. how many until the camp is full, or a bar that goes up and down as we merge stuff or open chests (maybe turning red when we're down to just three or four open spots?)"(Discord)
Purpose for Camp Points(Score) By BabyCharmander:"Camp points doing anything would be great"(Discord)
Game Setting button available in Camp By Sauer:"have game settings accessible in camp, especiall due to camp preferences"
Kala Related
Dismiss Kala's Trade By fluffysue:"I'd like a "Not Today" choice on Kala so i can dismiss her and send her away...."(Discord)
Kala's Trade Rank "Liked" By Shaked(Equinox): "If there was something like ranks, meaning after you help kala 20 times, you will be raised a rank and would be given rarer tasks, that could be better in my opinion, or even have kala offer stuff that can't be obtained anywhere else, like a special dragon dedicated to her or a unique merge chain from her land, let's say cactus merge chain or the like"(Discord)
Dragon Behavior Related
Option to hide labels (sleeping time above dragon homes and dragon power required over fog) Link
Idle Mode - Dragons stop harvesting automatically Link, "That is on "the list" but not scheduled at all. I might need to make that a side project."(Discord) Link
Dragons can't be merged in Camp Link, Was semi-solved.
Option to call max possible number of dragons to harvest an object (like Stonehenge) Link
Dragons which are already building won't react to the player's tap on the site Link
Dragon Timer - How much time until all dragons are awake + how many dragons are awake right now?? Link
Stamina Bar "liked" By tilam 40: "So I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I think a stamina bar would be cool to have. I think that it would be nice to know how much stamina you have at any given time, or the time it’ll take for it to either get the first stamina back (one dragon wakes up, would see this as a timer on the bar), or how long t would take to be at full stamina (all dragons waking up, would be seen by tapping on the bar). This could also be a place for the spicy salsa instead of by clicking the dragon homes. I think especially for players who put a bit of time into the game, it would be nice to know timing and how much you have left before you’ve used your dragon power"(Discord)
Dragons would only harvest specific Object "liked" By MonkeyBusiness:"Now that dragons have begun learning the (so awesome, so useful) trick of continually harvesting whatever we drop them on, I would love to see it expanded into us being able to direct multiple dragons at one thing. Perhaps by dropping, say, a stuffed dragon toy on a specific thing, and that would direct all dragons of that species / all dragons in general to start collecting from that thing?"(Discord)

Level Related

Suggestion Developer Comment First Mentioned
Level 9 Orb heals Super Dead Land Link
Decreasing Chalices required amount/generating time Link
Special Level to gain Dragon Stars By Deadly Kitten: "What if we are given a special level? Some “pointers” (I can’t find a better word, sorry) would be that it can cost all 7 chalices to access each time. The level itself would be of mild difficulty, hard but not so hard it’ll take weeks to complete, and the level itself would be open, say, once every 1-3 days. The goals within the level would award all 5 stars, so one goal for each, and will require a moderate amount of work each - that is doable within those 1-3 days."
Reset Levels from the Outside Link
Rare Chance to get Dragon Chalices as level rewards By MonkeyBusiness:"I would like to see a rare chance to pick up a chalice or two as a level reward.."(Discord)

Game Concept/Mechanics Related

Suggestion Developer Comment First Mentioned
Level Editor That's pretty awesome, very nice mock ups!It would be great, I would love to do this. You are right, it would be a huge amount of work (Discord via Direct Messaging). By Math the mad tick, "Hey there @everyone , This is basically a remastered (improved) post about my Level Editor Idea. Here's the link: . (credits to @RapaxArdens and @KittyLune for identifying the flaws in my previous post, also @drallyowl2, 9 hour boss crafter)" (Discord).
Ads for Gems Link
Exclusive VIP Items/Dragons Link
Stats Page Link
Viewing all of the Merge Chains "It is something the other designer and I definitely want and talk about. So provided we get some other things we want done, we will look into that."(Discord) Link
Object Drag Lock - Moving the screen without accidentally moving objects Link
Making the game interactive, with other players (visit a friend's camp, etc) "That is something we'd like to do eventually, yes. No scheduled plans (so it may never happen) but we've talked about it and agree it would be great."(Discord) Discord
Achivements Consider adding achivements for unlocking each wonder and a larger one for unlocking then all, as well as a few for discovering ___ many dragons. Just might be a nice way to add another way to enchourage people to go for them. Or like earn ___ many stars etc(Discord)
Autosave By MonkeyBusiness:"Autosave! Monkey wants autosave. Especially for events. Maybe something like every 20 minutes. 'Cause crashes are made of sadness."(Discord)
More Music "liked" By MonkeyBusiness:"Extremely low priority suggestion that falls solidly into the "nice to have" category, possibly in the "but I waa-aa-aaant it!" section at the very bottom: More music for levels/events/camp."(Discord)
Prizes for unlocking objects "liked" By tilam40:"I was thinking about gems, and about people wanting to make the tenth merge item in the events. I think that it would be cool to get a reward for each new thing you unlock. This would incentivize people to go for the higher tier items in events, as well as being a nice reward in camp"(Discord).(Not only at events, both events and camp)
Guild System By TOUCHZEN2HELL, full details at Discord suggestion section at 26th January 2018.
Undo Button for Sold Items By MonkeyBusiness: "Undo button would be very lovely, but it might mess up code for the things that randomly give an extra result when merging. Like people merging stuff, selling dimensional jars, undoing, re-merging, selling jars again, etc, building up money."

Event Related

Suggestion Developer Comment First Mentioend
Improving Rewards for Gems Link
Less Grinding in Events Link
Make use of unimplemented high-level, unobtainable event objects Link
Winter (Christmas) Event Link Link
Event Score/Leaderboard Link
New Kind of Event By Spiglic, refer to Discord post from 24th December 2017 at the suggestion section.
Event dragon is playable in the event itself By Monkey Business:"I would love to see the event-specific dragon being the one in use within the event itself, though the wonder(s) should still spit out normal eggs. After all, we don't get to bring the dragons back out (save as part of the ten prizes)."

**was actually implemented once in the Fairy Event.

Ancient Games Related
Removing level 4 from spawn and increasing the points for creating a level 6 Item "liked" By sauer:"I'd suggest removing level 4 items from the spawn and raising the value of merging a lv6 item since it takes a bit of coordination to make."(Discord)
Dissmiss option for spinwheel By Spiglic:"a "dismiss" button next to the spinwheel, some rewards aren't worth taking back to camp"
Undo for Last Move By Spiglic:"an "undo" button (last move only) for players like me with big fingers"(Discord)
Single and Double Merge Chains Competitions By Spiglic:"since I'm convinced that the game would also be fun with a single merge chain, having the possibility to choose between 1 or 2 merge chains at the beginning of the event. The groups would be populated regarding the chosen number of chains."(Discord)
Tier Event "liked" By EdgeKrusher:"For the next Ancient Games it should be a tiered event. So when everyone enters they are in the lowest tier. After the first 24 hours pass in the first day of the event, all users are re-assigned tiers. The users would be re-assigned off of how many points they currently had. Now similar users, based upon point totals, are grouped together. Run this for another 24 hours, and re-assign tiers again."(Discord)

Dragon Related

Suggestion Developer Comment First Mentioned
Cat Dragon Link Link
Mystery Egg for event dragons By fluffysue:"how about a new mystery egg that hatches event dragons... could sell nests of them in the shop... and the event trophies at camp could have a chance at dropping one"(Discord)
Fluffragon By MonkeyBusiness:"I am so bad at drawing, but I would like to propose a new dragon type (possibly for April's fool's?): The FLUFFRAGON! Instead of getting shinier and fancier with every level, it just gets progressively fluffier and fluffier. (Alternatively, it's a Dustagon, aka a dustbunny with wings."(Discord, image can be shown at 7th February 2018).
Sell Protection for T2 Dragon Eggs By sauer:"So one kinda important suggestion... Confirm sale for T2 dragon eggs... just sold a cosmos dragon T2 egg and that was sad

Idk, confrim sell dragon chests, but not dragons kinda just, feels reversed"

Tap confirm for Tier 2 nests(Until an Aviary building will exist) By Aqua:"Can we have a tap confirmation of egg nests the same way lv1 dragon stars do?

I understand it might be cumbersome in stages, but it would be super helpful in camp"

Merge Chain Related

Suggestion Developer Comment First Mentioned
Third Tier for Stone Bricks Will be implemented([1]) Link
Regenerelevate Link Link
Removing Emerald Plains Grass from Hills Link
Change the sprites of the first two stages of the Midas Trees to look like younger Golden Fruit Trees "Change the sprites of the Golden Sapling and the Golden Tree to Golden Young Fruit Tree and Golden Fruit Tree(Grapes)."(Discord)Link
Add additional stages to the Midas Trees Link
Add additional stages to the chests in shop that can be bought with bricks(Moon Chest, Occult Chest etc...) Link
Changing the outcome of merging Spooky Trees "liked" By sauer:"Might be nice to change the last bit of the spooky tree merge chain from the chests to something else besides a sunken chest. Like making them spit out some part of the mansion merge chain, like maybe the first harvestable one, or the one before it. Since you can also get dead trees from them just kinda makes sense to me."(Discord)
Make Bottled Oceans more worthy By fluffysue:"modify the Bottled Ocean so it spits out something other than bonus point triangles (unless there is some reason for them in camp I am unaware of) OR give a bonus gift, such as a dragon star, for milestone points achieved in camp (little dragon star for 5 mill, 10 mill.... then big star for each 10 mill after)"(Discord)
Changing the name for Magic Coins "liked" By MonkeyBusiness:"I would like to propose a name change for Magic Coins; as in for the general currency. Mostly to help distinguish between Magic Coins (the item) and Magic Coin (the currency), because right now, it can get pretty darn confusing.

Perhaps something like Dragonbucks? Dragoncash? Gold? Hoardbits? Tacos? Bibbobs? Just something other than "coin"..."(Discord)

Midas Trees Fruit Indicator "liked" By Shaked:"Midas Trees would show the golden apples on them when available like fruit trees"
Add a 4th stage to the Spooky Trees, the Sporehaven Tree By Shaked:"I'd love them to have as 5th level the spore tree

For mushrooms sake"


Suggestion Developer Comment First Mentioned
Raining with clouds over seeds etc to make then grow faster "I was thinking we could drag our rain clouds over seeds and stuff to speed up their growth time.

Sprinkle some o dat watah on there."(Discord)

Desgin Contest By DeadlyKitten""Now, that out of the way (apologies for length) I’d like to make a sort of out-of-game suggestion. Why not hold some small design-based contests? It could be anything from designing a new level to designing a plant.

The rewards wouldn’t even have to be gems, they could be items from merge chains that would help with progress."(Discord)

PC Game Link
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