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Summer Objects were a limited Merge Chain of the Summer Event as well as Midsummer Event, Summer Delight Event and Sailing to the Sun Event. They served as the way to obtain points, which were, in turn, required to obtain the 10 prizes featured in the Event. Summer Objects could be harvested/tapped from the Summer Shops, harvested from Summer Bags and were found on the Dead Land and under Cloud Keys of the Event's level, in Secret Summer Capsules (as well as Secret Sailing to the Sun Capsules), Summer Chests and from tapping Event Quest Stars.

Once created, whether by mergingharvesting, or tapping, an eerie-galactic distinctive note for each Object was sounded. The note was higher the higher the level of the Summer Object (reset at level 6). When tapping any Summer Object for its points, an eerie-waterish sound will be heard.

Level Size Rarity Name Points Worth Old Value* Description
1 1x1 Common Sunglasses 1 1 Tap to collect, or Merge. Worth 1 Point in the event.
2 1x1 Common Camera 4 4 Tap to collect, or Merge. Worth 4 Points in the event.
3 1x1 Common Flip Flops 13 15 Tap to collect, or Merge. Worth 13 Points in the event.
4 1x1 Uncommon Fresh Coconut 40 50 Tap to collect, or Merge. Worth 40 Points in the event.
5 1x1 Uncommon Scuba Mask 130 175 Tap to collect, or Merge. Worth 130 Points in the event.
6 1x1 Rare Summer Ball 410 550 Tap to collect, or Merge. Worth 410 Points in the event.
7 1x1 Rare Hat 1,290 1,750 Tap to collect, or Merge. Worth 1,290 Points in the event.
8 1x1 Epic Duck Duck 4,070 5,500 Tap to collect, or Merge. Worth 4,070 Points in the event.
9 1x1 Legendary Surf Board 12,700 20,000 Incredible! Tap to collect, or Merge. Worth 12,700 Points in the event.
10 1x1 Legendary Summer Parasol 40,000 75,000 Out of this world! Tap to collect. Worth 40,000 Points in the event.

* During the Star Oasis Event (18th - 21st December 2020) the new Rewards Point system that was previously tested in beta was released for everybody. In this new system last 4 Event Rewards require significantly more Points, while Event Point Items are worth less.