Summary Edit

Summit 7 is a pretty straightforward level. Be careful, though, not to heal the land too fast or you will be unable to meet the goal of merging 4 Life Essence on dead land.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Merge five of the Golem Dragon Eggs at once. Ignore the others for now.
  2. Merge Life Flower Sprouts in 3s at the top and right.
  3. Harvest from each Life Flower once.
  4. Merge each Life Essence with two others on dead land to satisfy a goal.
  5. Merge 5 other Golem Dragon Eggs, including ones on dead land, to satisfy a goal
  6. Harvest more life essence and heal the rest of the land.
  7. Destroy all the Decayed Logs.
  8. Merge 5 Elderwood, then merge 3 Stacks of Elderwood to make a Bundle of Elderwood and satisfy a goal.
  9. Merge the statues to win.
  10. Trivia Its Impossible To Get Bushes Because There’s Not Enough Decayed Logs And Loose Wood Because Its Impossible To Get a Vermillion Dragon Tree Because It’s a Zomblin Free Level
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