Summary Edit

Summit Basin is a secret level with points-based goals, no dragons, and limited resources. It appears as a tuft of grass on an island below Summit 1 when Summit 4 has been completed.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Tap the 4 Large Fruit Trees for Raspberries, then merge all four Large Fruit Trees at once, creating a left-over Large Fruit Tree.
  2. Tap the left-over Large Fruit Tree for Raspberries, and merge 5 Raspberries at once.
  3. Merge 5 Ruby Plains Grass, then merge 3 more on a space next to the 2 Life Flower Sprouts this produced to make a combo.
  4. Repeat this process with the Emerald and Tanzanite grasses.
  5. Merge 5 Tanzanite Plains Grass at once, then set up a 3-way combo using 3 Ruby Plains Grass, 2 Life Flower Sprouts, and 2 Life Flowers.
  6. Start bursting the 5 combo bubbles from the previous steps next to the two Great Grasses, each of which is dead 10 points minus whatever the side-effects of the merges healed. There should be enough healing in these combo bubbles to heal both grasses.
  7. Set up a 4-way combo with grasses arranged in this way, moving the last Grass Tuft onto the X to complete the combo.
Lawn Grass Lawn Grass
Grass Tuft Grass Tuft X Marsh Grass Marsh Grass (on dead land)
Great Grass Great Grass

This will give you enough points to meet all the goals. Merge the statues to finish the level.

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