Summary Edit

Sun Veldt 3 is a pretty straightforward level

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Move some petrified Zomblins out of the way to merge 5 Sharp Dragon Eggs (including one on dead land) at once.
  2. Let your dragons destroy the caves as they become available. You have enough Zomblins just from merging the petrified ones.
  3. Merge Life Flower Sprouts twice with ones on dead land and start harvesting from the Life Flowers.
  4. Work on healing the land. Destroy any Zomblins that emerge. As it becomes possible to do so, merge the dragon portals, merge additional petrified zomblins and destroy the zomblins, merge 5 more Sharp Dragon Eggs at once, and open the Sunken Chest.
  5. Merge the statues to win.
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