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The Healer is a straightforward level. To enter this secret level, tap the large brambles above Drakeshire 4.


  1. Merge five of the Golem Dragon Eggs at once.
  2. Separate one of the group of 11 Life Flower Sprouts from the rest and merge the other ten to make 4 Life Flowers.
  3. The side-effect from this should heal one Large Brambles. Harvest a Life Flower Sprout from this, then merge the remainign Life Flower Sprouts and merge five Life Flowers at once.
  4. Harvest from the two Blue Life Flowers.
  5. Catch floating Dragon Tree Leaves. Merge them (preferably as a group of 5) with the two on dead land near the center of the map.
  6. Merge Life Essence twice into Small Life Orbs, and release those to heal the land.
  7. As they are healed, scatter bones and merge them, merge Life Flower Sprouts, and merge Dragon Trees of various sizes, in 5s when possible, until you make one Vermillion Dragon Tree.
  8. Merge the Vermilion Dragon Tree with two on super dead land in the middle of the map. Activate the heal extenders.
  9. Continue healing the land by a combination of Life Orbs and merging items on dead land. The healing goddess will help a lot. You'll reach all the point goals long before this is done.
  10. You don't have to heal all the land, but you need to reach all eight statues, so you practically do have to heal everything. Merge 5 statues at once, then the other 3, and merge the three restored statues to win.