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The Secret Isles is the 6th secret level in the game. This level does not have goals for goal stars.


  1. Use the island at the bottom right (which starts with three Sharp Dragon Eggs) to merge five Sharp Dragon Eggs at once, using eggs from the top right.
  2. Tap one of the demon gates to have your dragons attack it.
  3. Then tap the nest and continue merging eggs (another 5 at once, if possible).
  4. Tap another demon gate to have dragons attack it.
  5. Destroy any Zomblins that appear. However, you don't have to merge all the petrified zomblins if you don't want to. You can mostly ignore the Zomblins too, provided they don't try to kill the land containing a demon gate or Gaia statue.
  6. Once all three demon gates are destroyed, merge the statues to win.


This is currently one of two levels where a Dragon-Eater Zomblin can spawn. The other one is Craven Crypt ?? This is also the only level featuring the zomblin ice fortress!

It's possible to win this level with an extremely low score (below 500 points).

This is the only level after grassy 7 without any goals.