Summary Edit

The Secret Veldt Alley is the third secret level in the Game.

To get all three stars you will need to get at least one extra dragon egg from opening chests. Merging dragons together counts as creating a dragon for the 3rd star.

Walkthrough Edit

1. Merge the 5 grass dragon eggs at once in the beginning to get the first star. You'll only need these 2 dragons for now.

2. Don't merge the skull and bones at all since they have a chance to drop chests if you harvest them. So you can merge 5 chests and have more chests to increase your chances of getting eggs from chest. I was able to merge 5 level 2 chests from the extra chests given from the skull and bones.

3. Open the chests and tap the stars after you run out of skull and bones. If you get a 5th grass dragon egg or 2 rock or 2 spotted dragon eggs then you'll have enough for all 3 stars.
 a. If you don't get enough eggs then don't merge the rock dragon eggs and skip to 5.

4. Merge all the dragon eggs in 5 if available and then merge the 3 grass dragons since they count as creating one dragon and you'll have created 7 dragons. Done.

5. If you're unlucky then harvest the stones until more chests and/or egg chests/vaults drop. The egg chests will drop rock dragon eggs so if you didn't merge the rock dragon eggs then you'll only need 2 egg chests. Done.

Harvest Fresh stones for a couple of level 2 stones per level 1 stone. This will help you get to level 5 stones if you need a high level stone to farm for egg chests / egg vaults.

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