General Game play Tips[edit | edit source]

Understanding Dragon Homes[edit | edit source]

Dragon Homes are an important part of your island as they allow the dragons to sleep. Each dragon -depending on its level- will have to sleep after they have harvested 1, 2, 3, etc times, in order to continue harvesting. This is known as the dragons stamina.

Early on in the game it's important to make sure you have at least one home for the dragons (multiple dragons can occupy the same home). Once you start having more homes than dragons, only then you should start merging the smaller homes into bigger ones.

The higher level the house, the less time the dragons need to sleep.

Understanding how time at Camp passes[edit | edit source]

Time at Camp stays still when you aren't there. The only exception is the dragons' sleep time. So for example, if you don't go into the Camp for an hour and you come back, a dragon who sleeps for 20 minutes will be awake, but a tree that produces a fruit every 10 minutes, will be empty. The same rule applies for Wonders like the Ruins of the Sky Palace, which produce items every few hours, you have to spend those hours inside the Camp in order for them to count. Note that time stays still for bubbled objects, so you cannot bubble your Wonders or other large objects and expect them to produce loot upon tapping after some time.

More information about the effect of time on objects can be found here.

Understanding Dragon Stars, Dragon Gems and Coins[edit | edit source]

Dragon Stars provide you with Dragon Gems and coins, which are used to buy items in the shop. If you are interested in completing the Camp Quests, it's better to save your gems in order to complete some quests whose requirements can be completed only by using gems. 

Dragon Stars appear when you complete a level's quests,  instead of a normal goal star. It's better to not tap them immediately but take them back to the camp, where you can merge them to get the Magnificent Dragon Star. Up to 3 can fall at a time not in succession but in short time between them. After that, they won't show up again for a while. To speed up their appearance, you simply have to play more levels to get more normal goal star, because, after an xxx number of yellow stars, you start getting purple stars again. Always try to spend all of your seven lives (chalices) and getting all three normal stars by playing some of the easier levels like Cliff Grove / Dread Marsh 3 -if you aren't interested in replaying every level.

Helpful tips to get Dragon Stars can be found here.

Understanding Merging[edit | edit source]

Refer to this guide here.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Some star quests in your camp require you to harvest a resource such as a life flower. This of course would use stamina from your dragons. However, if you double-tap the flower and then stop your dragon from finishing the harvest, it will also count but not use their stamina point. You can quickly finish the quest like this without using any stamina.

There are some map quests that require you give the command to attack stones. Your dragons will auto attack them as well which doesn't count so you can get stuck if they beat you to it. But with the same logic as above, you can command them to attack stones and then stop their action, tap the same stone again which again counts for the quest.

 Frequently asked questions[edit | edit source]

Game Play[edit | edit source]

Why can't I move my screen anymore?
There is a button in the lower-right corner of the screen that toggles scrolling. Tap it to lock or unlock the screen.

The Lock Screen button at the bottom right of the Camp UI

What are some ways which I can farm Magic Currency / Stone Bricks?
There are several tutorials on this topic:

What are ways which I can get Life Flowers?
Refer to the Life Flowers Section here.
How do I take objects back from Levels back to Camp?
Objects that appears in a list after you beat a Level are called Level Rewards. Some objects may be gotten for free, but most require some amount of Dragon Gems to get. Every Level has a unique set of objects that may appear as Level Rewards, and that is shown in the Level Description box when you tap it. In addition, other objects that appear or are created in the level have a small chance of appearing as Level Rewards as well.

Dragon Stars and Dragon Gems can be taken back to Camp for free.

How do I "Bubble" objects?
Refer to this guide here.

What are the square icons that appear underneath some stages on the worldmap?

These show you what level your friends have reached.
My item(s) went missing. Help!

Unless you have not accidentally sold it, there are many possible scenarios in which this may happen, but your items should be recoverable (hopefully).

  1. If you have dragged an object onto the (now) missing object, check for a Loot Orb. Your camp might be full of stuff and your object may have been bubbled, if it has dimensions bigger than 1x1. If not, your object may have been simply been moved across your camp to another location that can fit it.

From this point onwards, I'm going to assume that your items are in Loot Orbs.

  1. Check behind big objects. The Loot Orb may be hidden behind one. Move the objects away from around the place where it was last seen. There is a chance that it is there. Note that Loot Orbs, when created initially will appear in front of objects, but upon leaving camp and coming back, they may now appear behind them.
  2. Check the boundaries of your camp. You may have flung the Loot Orb away previously.
  3. Check behind Kala The Treasure Hunter if you have an active quest going on. The Loot Orb may be hidden behind the quest box. Note that it is impossible to retrieve the Loot Orb from behind the quest box until you have completed the quest.
Merging 5 objects sometimes give me only 1 of the next level and 2 of the same level!
Due to how the merging mechanic was implemented, there is a very small delay in which this may happen. It means that you probably are trying to merge objects too fast. To make sure that the objects you are merging will merge correctly, move it around a little bit (to another tile and back, without letting go) and then try to merge.

For more details, refer to the section here.

Saving[edit | edit source]

Is there Cloud Save in Merge Dragons?
In the World Map, there is a Cloud Save Icon at the bottom left corner. Tap on it to connect to Facebook Cloud Save using your Facebook account, so you can save and transfer your progress across devices.
How do I backup my files manually?
Refer to this guide here.
How to move Move Mazza Studio Version Progress to Gram Game Version
Refer to this guide here.

Events[edit | edit source]

The game crashed and I lost some event progress.
It is recommended that you leave the Event Map occasionally to save your progress, in case of crashes or memory problems.
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