Summary Edit

Totem Grid is a secret level full of Super Dead Land. It is located between Totem Shire 11 and 12, and denoted by a small pile of rocks.

Walkthrough Edit

This level is very easy to beat:

  1. Take the bush and put it in the + shape at the bottom right
  2. Continue merging the bushes to create Ruins of The Sky Palace
  3. Tap it, then open the nest vaults - if you need to, merge egg chests to get the nest vaults. Hatch the dragons, and tell them to harvest the Glowing Life Flowers until you get a bunch of Life Orbs.
  4. To make the task easier, start removing dead land. find the assorting items and put them in the + shapes
  5. When you are done, look for the Gaia statues and heal them with the life orbs (Warning: You need to merge five gaia statues to win)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only level that requires creating a Wonder to win
  • This level can be used to farm gold due to the fact that it costs only 1 Chalice
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