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  • Pop two of the unearthed skeletons, merge bones in four places (left island, top and bottom right edge. right island: top right, middle left)
  • merge sharp eggs on dead land, at the inner edge of left and right islands. merge the remaining three sharps on the bottom center island.
  • merge spotted's on dead land behind where the sharp's were.
  • Move view all the way top left: golem nest on single tile island is the secret. tap out eggs and merge.
  • Merge all the sprouts to make room.
    • Use essence your dragons harvest to merge off of or heal normal dead land.
    • if you get an unearthed skeleton out of a bush, save it from the dragons, and use the bones for a super dead land on the top of the left island.
    • Don't purposefully harvest the skull & bones from the normal dead land. You'll need some of those seeds later.
  • Catch all the leaves. merge for trees.
    • Keep a level four (dark green, grape) tree to merge grapes on super dead land at the bottom of the right island and the top of the center island.
    • Keep a level five (red, raspberry) tree, so you can have a raspberry to merge off the super dead land at the top of the center island.
  • Merge off the super dead land at the top of the right island: either two level 3 trees or two glowing life flowers, which ever you end up with first.
  • Save a couple pears, then merge the three pear trees from the bottom of the upper middle island.
  • Merge your way up the super dead land of the center island. Harvest skull & bones for tree seeds where you need them, and leaves from the wind. It's not hard to make it to the first gaia statue. Merge the grapes between the others, and you can finish the level without clearing all the land.

This isn't a bad level to milk for money before quitting, once you're already playing, but the high cost of admission makes it a poor place to farm coins.

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