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***WARNING*** The current guide does not support 3 star completion

At all times, hit the heal extenders wherever possible, to unlock adjacent lands.

  1. Move the Hero Mushroom (Level 2) to the group of 2 hero mushrooms in the bottom left side.
  2. At the end of the uncovered region, move the Green Dream Shrooms (Level 4) to the beginning of the greyed out row beside it. The entire bottom row should now be unlocked.
  3. At the end of the row (top right) move the Hero Mushroom to the floating triangle land region in the top left.
  4. Now merge 3 of the Young Dragon Tree (Level 3). Do this near the locked pair of "Vermillion Dragon Tree (Level 2) near the middle of the board. for a combination bonus.
  5. Take the Life Flower Sprout (level 1) and unlock the column of 6 life flower sprouts.
  6. Now merge the 5 Spotted Dragon Eggs
  7. Harvest Life Flowers to unlock the Life Essence in the top left.
  8. There are now 5 Life Flowers (Level 2) on the board - Merge them for a pair of Blue Life Flower (Level 3).
  9. Merge the 3 Blue Life Flower (Level 3) to get a Glowing Life Flower (level 4)
  10. Keep harvesting Life Essence to unlock the partially greyed lands.
  11. The 3 Gaia Statues should now be unlocked and you can merge them to complete the level.
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