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Wonder #7 of the World. An Homage to the Lost Trinity Dragon
~ Trinity Dome


The Trinity Dome is the last level of the Prism Flowers and Wonder #7 of the Merge Dragon World. It is a type of non-merging object.

It can initially be tapped about 24 to 26 times for Butterfly Dragon eggs and nests, Sapphire eggs.

After that, the Trinity Dome can be tapped for more of the above objects every 10 hours spent in camp.

It can be harvested for Dragon Tree Leaf, Furious Life Orb, Sunken Chest or Dragon Egg Chest (Butterfly Dragon variant).

It also spawns Small Life Orbs, Life Orbs and Bonus Points (low level ones) nearby occasionally.

How to Gain[]


It could be merged further into a Giant Treasure Chest prior to update 1.9, but is now a non-merging object due to the poor merging results.