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Sand Box Edit

Welcome to the Game Guide! The purpose of this guide is to help you along the game, not matter in which stage(Begginers/Intermidiate/Adavanced) you happen to be! As searching the wiki for the specific article can be a hassle, this guide should assist you.

Beginners Edit

Welcome to Merge Dragons! You've probably already played a few levels and opened your camp. Here are some advices:

Always Merge in 5s Edit

- It's the most fundamental strategy of the game. If you merge 3 identical objects, you would get 1 object of the next level. If you merge 5 identical objects, you get 2 objects of the next level. If we'd look at 15 level 1 objects it would make more sense - if you merge in 3s you'de have 5 objects of next level, if you merge in 5s, you'de have 6 objects of the next level. It would be even more significant when trying to achieve higher level objects. For more info, please refer to The Merging Article.

Try to have as much Dragon Homes as possible Edit

At the beginning, stamina is scarce. Having as many dragon homes as possible would ensure more dragons would get a full rest in a given time and in return will let you have lot of stamina to use in camp before all the dragons will sleep. Do note that when you're more progressed and have too many dragons flying around, merging the dragon homes is reccomaeded.

Use your Dragon Gems wisely! Edit

Dragon Gems are limited and can be used on various of stuff. For free-to-play users, here are our recommendations on what to pay:

  • Shimmer Fountains - Shimmer Fountains are very good for begginers to accumulate Fruit Trees, which are very scarce at the beginning. Other than Fruits, Fruit Trees can spawn Life Flowers from level 2 onwards! 2-4 level 1 Shimmer Fountains can be a good start. You can find them randomally as optional reward for finishing a level for 25 gems each.

Useful Pages Edit

  • Levels - This article lists all the levels in the game, For specific level help, find the level's name in the article and click it for more info about that level.
  • Merge Chains - This cateogry page lists all the merge chains in the game, you can either use this page or the search tool in the wiki to find info for a specific merge chain you need.
  • Tutorials - This category page lists various usefull tutorials to help you.
  • Tips and FAQs - Lot of the info here can be found in this article too!

Recommended User Settings Edit

On the world map, tap the gear icon to the bottom left to acess the Game Settings.

Make sure that:

  • Tap Confirm is "ON" - You will encounter many precious objects which you wouldn't want to consume by accident. This setting would prevent you from accidenty tapping them!
  • Require Overlap is "ON" - Many accident merges happens when you have a crawded area, turning this option on would prevent them.
  • Allow Chain Reactions? is "off" - Unwanted mergings can also occur if after you merge an object, it will be found near other two identical objects.
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