From the app store: Edit

- Merge Dragons! brings A LOT OF CHANGES with this update! Get ready to maximise your fun - who’s excited?

- KALA THE QUEST GIVER: A new adventurer from a far land has arrived in Dragonia. Visit your camp to say hi to Kala. She has surprises for you! - BOUNTIFUL CHESTS: When you complete a level, you will now be rewarded with a chest. Chests can be unlocked after a countdown timer ends - they will produce loads of FREE items! - DAILY FREE CHESTS: If you visit your camp daily, you will now earn a new chest each day. - You can now skip quests, and find new ones in your camp. - When you merge 3 objects, sometimes you will get 2 higher level objects instead of just 1. The second one will appear as a time-limited offer that you can purchase with your Dragon Gems! - Chalice costs are optimised to improve player experience with new features. Invest in them to have the full Merge Dragons experience! - Get ready! Something special will arrive at the end of November. Can you guess what it is?

Other Changes Edit

  • Introduction of the Thanksgiving Event
  • Levels Chalice Costs overhaul - almost every level chalice's cost was altered.
  • Chalice generating time was changed from 15 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Game's Icon was changed for the new version.

Known Bugs Edit

Before the release of version 2.0.1 (containing only bugfixes), many players had a bug were chalices, gold, bricks, dragon gems would reset to the state they were before updating the game to 2.0.0 every time they reload the game. This bug also prevented encountering Kala, reseted the daily chest in camp and removed any Bountiful Chests achieved beforehand.

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