From the app store: Edit

- Kala has opened the new Premium Daily Shop! She will be selling premium items every day, including the chance to discover a never-before-seen breed of dragon.

- You can now rename your dragons with the Dragon Book!

- Life Dragons now have a 2nd tier. After you merge 3 level 4 Life Dragons, you will have "Afterlife Dragon Egg Nest".

- New "Nature Dragons" are in the shop for players who have over 600 stars.

- New "Merge Options" for how merging works in the camp. You can find these in Settings.

FIXES: - Fixed nests that were always showing as full when loading the camp or a level, even when they were not full. - Fixed sorting in the dragon book for a few dragons that were mixed up.

Other Changes Edit

Known Bugs Edit

  • Kala's tab on the shop's interface doesn't pausing the game. (Would be fixed in next version)
  • Dangerous Bug - Sell Protection screen would sell the item if the player press on the X button(only cancle or pressing in the outside area of the screen will be safe). Would be fixed in the next version.
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