From the app store: Edit

What's New

- NEW LEVELS! 11 New Levels in Cloud Land! This includes new cloud puzzles: find the right object to clear the clouds!

- Adjusted the Daily Chest to respawn after 23 hours instead of 24 hours, to help alleviate scheduling creep a bit.

- Added Turkish Language support

- Fixed the case where the camera could fly off in the opposite direction when panning, especially when playing in large levels or a bustling camp.

List of Levels Added: Edit

Other Changes Edit

  • Moon Dragon Egg bug was fixed - The eggs are now available inside Egg Chests of 30 gems each.
  • All Dragon Gem Packs now give bonus objects when bought.
  • The message at the end of the world map was change from "Dragonia will Expand Soon!" to "Dragonia will Expand Again!".
  • Game begins on camp, no matter if you exit the game while at the world map. (unkown if is a bug or not).
  • The dragon “Merge 3/5” button got a question mark at the end of the button.

Known Bugs Edit

  • Disconnecting and reconnecting to cloud save from world map would make the last level reward reappear in camp, a procedure which can be done indefinitely (known on iOS).
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