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The Wishing Well Coins are a limited Merge Chain available during Den Events where it replaces Magic Coins.

Level 5 Aureus Coin can be thrown into the Divine Wishing Well to gain a Boon.

Level Size Rarity Name Description Worth in Camp (Coins)
1 1x1 Common Schilling A tiny coin. What happens when you merge it? 1
2 1x1 Common Denarius An old coin of pure silver. Merge it up! 2
3 1x1 Uncommon Sovereign A discolored, dim coin. Merge it up! 4
4 1x1 Rare Ryal A tarnished gold coin of many names. Merge it up! 8
5 1x1 Legendary Aureus Throw this coin into the Wishing Well to receive a new Boon from Lady Sirona. 15

How to Gain[]

Just like Magic Coins, Wishing Well Coins can be created in variety of ways:


  • All Wishing Well Coins are named after real life currency:
  1. Level 1 Schilling - after Austrian Schilling,
  2. Level 2 Denarius - after Roman silver coin of the same name,
  3. Level 3 Sovereign - most likely after British gold coin of the same name,
  4. Level 4 Ryal - either after English Rose Ryal, Iranian Rial or Spanish Real (although, since Real is silver, it's unlikely),
  5. And finally, level 5 Aureus - after gold coin of ancient Rome of the same name.