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The Dragon World has Wonders, which are the highest item of specific Merge Chains. They can be tapped for lots of goodies.

None of them can be merged further, and give additional rewards every X hours actively played in Camp.

# Name Tap Rewards Frequency Spawns/Harvest Chain
1 Remains of The Dragon God Mound of Rich Stuff, Sharp Dragon Egg 5 hours Spawns Skulls, Brambles and Spooky Trees nearby Dragon Trees & Glowing Dragon Trees
2 Rainbow! Baby Rainbow 10 hours Baby Rainbows Life Flowers
3 Ensnared Virtue Sharp Dragons Eggs/Nests, Living Stone 8 hours 20 minutes Moss Covered Stones, occasionally Living Stone Grass
4 Fountain of Youth Sapphire Mystery Nests, Roc Nests, Rain Puddles 10 hours Rain Puddles Hills
5 Stonehenge Zomblins, Stone Bricks, Rock Dragon Eggs 10 hours

Stone Bricks

Spawns Zomblins every 15 to 60 minutes.

Living Stones
6 Bottled Ocean Bonus PointsChained Treasure Chests, Piles of Riches, and Tanzanite Eggs/Nests 1 hour 6 minutes Piles of Riches Water
7 Trinity Dome Butterfly Dragon Eggs, Sapphire Eggs 10 hours Dragon Tree Leaf, Furious Life Orb, Sunken Chest, Dragon Egg Chest (Butterfly Dragon variant)

Spawns Small Life Orbs nearby

Prism Flowers
8 Magic Beanstalk Glowing/Twin Life Flowers, Tribal Dragon Eggs/Nests 10 hours Blue/

Glowing/Twin Life Flowers

Fruit Trees
9 The Golden Mushroom Golem Dragon Eggs, Golden Apples and Piles of Riches. 10 hours Magic CoinsHero Mushrooms, Piles of Riches Magic Mushrooms
10 Ruins of the Sky Palace Tanzanite Eggs/Nests, Dragon Chests (Tanzanite Eggs/Nests variant) 10 hours n/a Bushes
11 Dragonfire Shroom Forest Toadstool Dragon Eggs/Nests 10 hours n/a Mushrooms
12 Lilac Unicorn Topiary 20x Premium Eggs n/a n/a Mystic Topiaries
13 Magnificent

Dragon Topiary

40x Premium Eggs n/a n/a Mystic Topiaries
14 Shambala Zen Temple/Eggs 6 Min Garden Summit Zen Temple
15 Bearer of the World Crystal ? ? Golden Apple of the Cosmos Midas Trees


  • Until Version 2.4.0, Dragonfire Shroom Forest was considered a non-wonder though behaved exactly the same.