Zomblin Caves house Zomblins and can be found in various levels. A Zomblin will spawn automatically after some time. Tapping a Zomblin Cave makes a Zomblin spawn—this also commands a Dragon to attack the Cave. Dropping Dragons on the cave or having them autonomously target it will destroy the Zomblin Cave without spawning the Zomblin. Destroying a Zomblin Cave will cause it to drop multiple pieces of low-level Stone Bricks. Dragons may only be interrupted in their destruction of a Zomblin Cave by tapping the dragon in question.

Level Size Name Description Possible Residents Life Points Picture
1 1x1 Zomblin Cave Beware Zomblin live here! Tap to Attack! Rotten Zomblin, Woodland Zomblin 7
2 1x1 Cursed Zomblin Cave Beware Zomblin live here! Tap to Attack! Woodland Zomblin, Swamp Zomblin 15
3 2x2 Zomblin Ice Fortress Beware Zomblin live here! Tap to Attack! Swamp Zomblin, Dragon-Eater Zomblin 30
Zomblin Ice Fortress
1 1x1 Chthonian Bovine Fortress Beware! Zomblins live here! Tap to Attack! Chthonian Bovine 7
Chthonian Bovine Fortress


  • A couple of differently colored and mirrored version of the Zomblin Cave (Level 1) were available at the Zen Dragon Event level. They spawned Zomblins, though the loot for destroying the caves were Life Orbs rather than stone.
  • There is only one Zomblin Ice Fortress, found in the level The Secret Isles.
  • Blue Zomblin Caves can be found at the Lunar Light Event 2020.
  • Chthonian Bovine Fortress can be found at the Mortyablo Deja Moo Event.
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