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Zomblins are evil monsters that wander around, much like Dragons. They cannot be interrupted by the player's actions and they do not respond to being tapped. They can be spawned by merging Petrified Zomblins, waiting for Petrified Zomblins to decay, spawned from Zomblin Caves within Levels or Events, or spawned from Stonehenge upon creation and after 15-60 minutes spent in Camp. These monsters can be destroyed by tapping on them, causing Dragons to attack, or by using Life Orbs or Healing Power.

When destroyed, regular Zomblins leave behind one Grave along with Magic Coins, Life Flowers and Treasure Chests. Event Zomblins leave behind specific Event items.


In Levels and Events, they will either choose a tile that is not Dead Land and convert it, or attack a random object by shooting projectiles at it. In Camp, they can't convert tiles to Dead Land or attack items, and so they will just wander around and grumble to themselves until they are destroyed by Dragons.

The tile-to-Dead-Land conversion speed is proportionate to the Zomblin's level, with the Dragon-Eater Zomblin taking half the time to convert as compared to a Rotten Zomblin. Once converted, the Dead Land needs 1 Healing Power to heal.

Almost every object has a fixed number of Health Points—upon its health reaching 0, it will break into either an object of a lower level, Dirt, or other miscellaneous objects.

Items located on land that is being converted to Dead Land may be moved before the conversion is complete. Items being attacked by one or more Zomblins, however, cannot be moved or merged until the Zomblin attacker​​ is destroyed.

Level Name Description Health Points Graves Additional Loot Residence Appearance
1 Rotten Zomblin Evil! Destroys the Land! 6 Fresh Grave Level 1 to 3 Magic Coins, level 1 to 3 Life Flowers or a Nice Treasure Chest Zomblin Cave
2 Woodland Zomblin Evil! Destroys the Land! 12 Fresh Grave Level 1 to 3 Magic Coins, level 1 to 4 Life Flowers or a Chained Treasure Chest Zomblin Cave, Cursed Zomblin Cave
3 Swamp Zomblin Evil! Destroys the Land! 30 Corwin's Tomb Level 1 to 4 Magic Coins, level 2 to 5 Life Flowers or a Sunken Chest Cursed Zomblin Cave, Zomblin Ice Fortress
4 Dragon-Eater Zomblin Evil! Destroys the Land! 100 Corwin's Tomb Level 1 to 4 Magic Coins, level 3 to 6 Life Flowers or a Noble Chest Zomblin Ice Fortress

Event Zomblins[]

Blue Zomblins were introduced in the first Zen Dragon Event in January 2018. At first when destroyed they left behind a few low level Life Orbs. But since introduction of the Spirit Lanterns Merge Chain during third Halloween Event in October 2019 their remains changed to Funky Blue Cheese. As of early 2021 they appear in every other Event.

Chthonian Bovines can only be found during Mortyablo Deja Moo Event.

Level Name Description Health Points Leaves behind Residence Appearance
1 Blue Zomblin Evil! Destroys the land! 8 Funky Blue Cheese Event Zomblin Cave
1 Chthonian Bovine It's.. a.. cow! 8 Baby Moo Chthonian Bovine Fortress
6 Chthonian Bovine.jpg

How to Spawn[]